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Posted By Jennifer (the student) on June 8, 2012

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Most of us know what we should do to lose weight for the most part but for some reason some of us cannot seem to make it happen. I think the key to losing weight is keeping a food journal. I plan on starting a food journal next week, I have kept one in the past and it was very helpful. And once I get in the habit, I actually enjoy reviewing my diet and seeing where I can make changes.

Food journaling works because it makes you aware of exactly what you are eating. If you honestly keep track of everything you eat then it is easier to make adjustments. A food journal will allow you to discover where your diet detours and notice patterns. Also, since you are accountable for every bite you take, indulging becomes harder.  With knowledge of your eating patterns, you will be able to see your bad habits. Once you understand where your bad habits are you can work on breaking them. This awareness puts you in control.

To get started food journaling, find a system that works for you. A simple notebook (my choice), an online journal or smart phone app will all work.  No matter which system you choose, start by recording everything you eat and keep track of accurate quantities. At first, it might be helpful to measure everything you eat. This will give you a good idea of the portions you are consuming. In my food journal, I also keep track of my exercise, water intake and weigh-ins (I usually weight myself a couple of times a week). In addition, you could create a hunger scale and record how hungry you are at each meal. Tracking your moods can be helpful, if you are over eating for emotional reasons. Also, once a month I take measurements (bust, waist, hip and etc), it can be motivating to see changes.

If you are interested in losing weight, try journaling with me. Please share your tips and progress.

Here are a few online food journals (I am not recommending them because I have never tried them).

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