The Dietitian


Occupation:  registered dietitian

Educational background:  B.S. – Nutritional Science, California State University, Los Angeles,  and MS in Medical Education, University of Southern California

Location:  Southern California

Work History:  I have worked in clinical nutrition and teaching for most of my career, but have also dabbled in public health, and independent nutrition distribution of nutritional products.  Currently, I am working as a renal dietitian and a community college nutrition instructor in Southern California.

Reason for starting this blog:  One of my very good friends, Jennifer, asked me to begin a blog with her.  Since she is studying nutrition, she thought it would be interesting and insightful for others to hear opinions on nutrition topics from nutrition professionals in different stages in their career.  I have spent many years working with nutrition students from RD programs (traditional internships, CDP programs, and distance programs), along with students from DTR programs.  We met when I was Jennifer’s instructor and preceptor, and now we are great friends!  Both of us hope to share with you, our experiences with nutrition education, and also cover other nutrition topics such as recipe and menu development, popular nutrition book reviews, etc.

Hobbies and interests:  trying out different types of international cuisine, going to Disneyland, taking walks with my dog Kasper, trying out new recipes, and like every other girl…shopping!

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