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Posted by Jennifer (the student) on August 17, 2012


If you have been following us for a while, I am sure you know we are big fans of keeping hydrated (post Staying Hydrated) and journaling food intake (post Writing For Weight Loss). Recently, I found an app that combines these two goals called Water Logged. This is a free app for iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch that keeps track of your water intake goal for the day.

What I like about this app:

  • It is quick and very simple to record water intake.
  • You can set reminders.
  • It simulated a glass filling with water as you add water consumed.
  • Goals can be changed easily and often.
  • Quantities can be reported on oz, mL or L.
  • Mistakes can easily be deleted.
  • You can take pictures of your glasses and keep them on record.
  • It keeps you motivated through the day.
  • Once you have reached your goal for the day, you are congratulated 🙂

Drink up!

♥ ♥

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