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Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on June 14, 2013

(pictured above is Kasper, salivating over a baby carrot)

Dinner preparation time is one of Kasper’s favorite times of the day.  He sits and waits for a handout as soon as the cutting board comes out.  He loves all food in general, but especially crispy fruits and vegetables!  I often wondered how veggies fit into a dog’s diet. According to an article by Sarah Winkler, published on the Animal Planet website, very well.  The article lists 10 fruits and veggies that aid in dogs’ nutrition:

  1. carrots
  2. broccoli
  3. cantaloupe
  4. celery
  5. green beans
  6. spinach
  7. apples
  8. pears
  9. oranges
  10. pumpkin

Kasper says yahoo!!!!  I can keep eating fruits and veggies!!!

 ♥ ♥

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