Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on April 19, 2013

“Cooking for David” is a book I use as a dietitian all the time.  It is a very unique, and essential book for patients or families of patients on dialysis.  The recipes ALL have Renal and diabetic specific nutrition information.  It takes the guess work out of planning meals for dialysis patients.  There are plenty of comfort food recipes along with a chapter for sauces, gravies, and seasonings so you can do some experimenting on your own!

It is written by a dear friend, Sara Colman, RD, CDE and a nurse she collaborated with,  Dorothy Gordon, BS, RN.  For all of you RDs out there…buy a copy as a reference and make sure  you keep this handy.  There’s a great introductory chapter that includes really simple educational material for the renal diet.  It’s super helpful.

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