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Posted by Jennifer (the student) on January 6, 2012


Every year I try to make a few resolutions that are very doable. I feel large goals are too much for a new years resolution at least for me. The beginning of the year feels like a clean slate and it is so wonderful to make small steps toward larger goals. I am a big believer in baby steps.

  1. Re-establish a Regular Exercise Routine
    Last year, I really let my exercise routine slide after many years of being a very regular exerciser.
  2. Strengthen Shoulders
    A weak area for me, I have two weight training machine to work into my routine.
  3. Take a Barre Class
    I have taken tons of group exercise classes in the past but something about barre classes intimates me.
  4. Improve Flexibility and Posture
    Regular yoga classes should help me with this.
  5. Increase Endurance
    Cross trainer regularly.
  6. Drink More Water
    Sometimes I am good at this and other times I am not. Just try to be more consistent.
  7. Eat More Fiber
    I am fairly good at this already but could always improve.
  8. Reduce Sugar Intake
    I admit I have a sweet tooth. Try to limit treats but not eliminate.
  9. Chew Food 20 Times
    Slow down and just pay more attention.
  10. Eat More Whole Foods
    Focus on fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  11. Prepare Vegetables Ahead of Time for Quick Meals
    Something I already do but work on being more consistent.
  12. Be Happy
    Be with friends and family more.

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