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Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on January 28, 2013


I always used to think that if you wanted to succeed in anything, the best thing to do was to take control of the situation and do everything on your own.  I’m a pretty stubborn person sometimes and don’t ask for help.    However, over the last year, I’ve learned that friends and family can really help you reach goals, including your health and lifestyle goals.  Above is a picture of Christina and I.  We supported each other through that crazy 5K run.  Increasing physical activity can be more fun when you involve friends!  🙂

Here are some ways to give or receive support from friends and family:

  • exercise together
  • help friends and family with meal preparation
  • be a cheerleader along the way to reaching goals
  • ask your friends or family if there is anything you can do to help them reach their goals
  • swap healthy meal ideas or exercise routines;  at work, I am trying to help my co-workers makeover some of their favorite, high fat recipes!  🙂

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