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Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on March 20, 2012

A few weeks ago a family member was admitted to the hospital due to Diabetes that was very much out of control.  Throughout the years, we had all seen her make futile attempts at exercise and sneak foods that were not within her dietary restrictions.  Medication compliance was also suspected to be poor. Sure enough, eventually, her blood sugar was so high that it did not even register on the meter.  She was rushed to the hospital to get her blood sugar under control.  Upon discharge, her blood sugar was up to the 300’s at times (normal random blood sugar levels should be about 70-125, depending upon which lab is being used) despite improvements in her diet.  Thankfully, when she re-gained her strength, and began to exercise, her blood sugar was 130 after breakfast (blood sugar 2 hours after eating should be from 70-145)!     A picture of the reading was texted to everyone in the family so we could all JUMP FOR JOY!!!  At over 70 years old, she may not be able to join a cardio class or even attempt to get on a stair climber, but just a daily simple walk around the block did the trick.  🙂

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