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Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on April 21, 2012

Like most people, I am very concerned with the quality of food I put into my mouth.  This is why I decided to look into community supported agriculture.  For a little over $60 per month, I enjoy a box of home delivered organic fruits and veggies twice every month.  Not only am I getting high quality, organic produce, but I am also producing a local farm.  Not all community supported agriculture is 100% organic, but this is what I prefer.  One of the exciting things about the deliveries is opening the box to see what you get…it’s Christmas twice a month!  The produce will definitely inspire you to prepare produce that is outside of your comfort zone.  I thought only Hannibal Lecter ate fava beans!  I had to do some YouTube research before I prepared those suckers!  🙂

I order from:  www.farmfreshtoyou.com

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